For years, Tommy Loggia has worked towards his dream of opening a custom shop here in the St. Louis area. In October 2008, that dream became reality when Hellbent opened its doors in the Chesterfield Valley. In just over two short years, Hellbent has become known as the top specialty shop in the area. With extensive knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and top quality products, Hellbent gets it done right the first time.

Come see for yourself!

While at Hellbent, you're sure to run across plenty of people willing to talk trucks and trade fishing stories. We can't guarantee the accuracy of any information you might recieve while engaged in conversation. For reliable information or pricing, seek out Tommy or Billy Carrol

  • Tommy Loggia - Owner, Fabrication
  • Billy Carrol - General Manager
  • Damian Henson - Shop Manager, Diesel, Fabrication